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The Joint Electronics Designation System (JETDS)

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The following chart describes the various JETDS codes as used on military equipment.
To use the chart, break down the code in the following groups and identify its content
according to the chart bellow. Use the example bellow as a guide.

Therefore, in the example above, the AN/PRC-66B is described as follows:

  1. AN/ = Army-Navy
  2. P = Pack or portable
  3. R = Radio
  4. C = Communications
  5. 66 = Model number
  6. B = Modification letter

Installation Type of Equipment Purpose
A Airborne (installed and operated in aircraft).
B Underwater mobile, submarine.
C Air transportable (inactivated, do not use).
C Cryptographic
D Pilotless carrier.
F Fixed Ground.
G Ground, general ground use (includes two or more ground type installations).
K Amphibious.
M Ground, mobile (installed as operating unit in a vehicle which has no function other than transporting the equipment.
P Pack or portable (animal or man).
S Water surface craft.
T Ground transportable.
U General utility (includes two or more general installation classes, airborne, shipboard, and ground).
V Ground, vehicular (installed in vehicle designed for functions other than carrying electronic equipment, etc., such as tanks).
W Water surface and underwater.
Z Piloted/Pilotless airborne vehicle, combined.
A Invisible light, head radiation.
B Pigeon.
C Carrier, electronic wave/signal.
D Radiac.
E Nupac.
E Laser.
F Photographic.
F Fiber optics.
G Telegraph or Teletype.
I Interphone and public address.
J Electro-mechanical or inertial wire covered (not otherwise covered).
K Telemetering.
L Countermeasures.
M Meteorological.
N Sound in air.
P Radar.
Q Sonar and underwater sound.
R Radio.
S Special types, magnetic, etc., or combination of types.
T Telephone (wire).
V Visual and visible light.
W Armament.
X Facsimile or television.
Y Data processing.
Z Communications
A Auxiliary assemblies (not complete operating sets used with or part of two or more series).
B Bombing.
C Communications (receiving and transmitting).
D Direction finding and/or reconnaissance and surveillance.
E Ejection and/or release.
G Fire control or searchlight direction.
H Recording and/or reproducing (graphic meteorological and sound).
K Computing
L Searchlight control (inactivated use G).
M Maintenance and test assemblies (including tools).
N Navigational aids (including altimeters, beacons, compasses, racons, depth sounding, approach, and landing).
P Reproducing (inactivated, do not use).
Q Special, or combination of purposes.
R Receiving, passive detecting.
S Detecting and/or range bearing, search.
T Transmitting.
W Automatic flight or  remote control.
X Identification and recognition.
Y Surveillance and control.
Z Secure

Notes: 1. //////// Depicts an obsolete items (from the old chart)
2. The codes are referenced to MIL-STD-196E (Feb 98),
Joint Electronics Type Designation System.

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