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The following chart describes the various two-letter military equipment designation codes as used on various military equipment.  The chart only breaks down the 'designation' portion of the code (group identifier).  The second group of the code (or model number for purposes of this description) is irrelevant as it is specific to a particular piece of equipment.

Use the example bellow as a guide.

AB Support, antennae
AM Amplifiers
AS Antennae (simple and complex)
BA Battery, primary type
BB Battery, secondary type
BZ Alarm units
C Controls
CA Computers auxiliary units
CD Controlling devices
CM Comparators
CN Compensators
CP Computers
CU Couplers
CV Converters (electronic)
CW Radomes
CX Cable assemblies (non RF)
CY Cases and cabinets
DA Load, dummy
DI Data transmission
DT Detecting heads
F Filter units
FO Fiber optics
FR Frequency measuring device
G Generators, power
H Head, hand, chest sets
HD Environmental apparatus
ID Indicator units (non CRT types)
IM Intensity measuring devices
IP Indicator units (CRT type)
KG Key generator
KY Keying devices
LA Laser
LS Loudspeakers
M Microphones
MD Modulators, demodulators and discriminators
ME Meters
MK Miscellaneous kits
ML Meteorological devices
MO Multipurpose
MT Mountings
MU Memory units
MW Microwave
MX Miscellaneous
O Oscillators
OE Antenna groups
PL Plug-in units
PP Power supplies
PU Power equipment
R Receivers
RB Robotics
RD Recorder-reproducers
RE Relay assembly units
RL Reeling machines
RO Recorders
RT Receiver transmitters
S Shelters
SA Switching units
SB Switchboard
SG Generator, signal
SM Simulators
SU Optical units
SY Speech, secure
T Transmitters
TA Telephone apparatus
TD Timing devices
TF Transformers
TH Telegraph apparatus
TN Tuning units
TR Transducers
TS Test units
TT Teletypewriters and facsimiles
ZM Impedance measuring devices

Notes: 1. //////// Depicts an obsolete items (from the old chart)

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