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Military Radio Specifications
Military Symbol: Radio Station AN/PRC-343 aka H4855 aka PRR
Information and Accessories

AN/PRC-343 (H4855) PRR

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The AN/PRC-343 (NSN 5820-99-721-8335) Personal Role Radio (PRR) is a compact and lightweight short-range communication transceiver set.  This radio set utilizes advanced wireless LAN technology, incorporating spread spectrum techniques at 2.4 GHz, ensuring that the system has a low probability of interception and detection and is designed to perform in dense electromagnetic environment.  The radio transmissions utilize a proprietary form of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum which, to an eavesdropper, will appear like noise.

The H4855 has been designed as a highly integrated package minimizing interconnecting cables and providing for the simplest possible user interface.  The PRR has only two controls - On/Off/Volume switch and a smaller channel selector, switching between 16 preset channels.

Multiple variants of the Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch assembly are available for single or dual radio operation or for interfacing to various sensors.  A situational awareness and reporting system which interfaces with the H4855 reports essential information from every team member.  Each unit is provided with a specific group, selected from a total of 256 available channels.

The PRR can transmit voice and data (38.4 Kbps) simultaneously.  Data from external sensors or sensors on the body (e.g. for gas alarm) can be transmitted as tone or as digital voice.

The headset is both rugged and flexible and compatible with all standard military headgear.

The system supports both broadcast, commander to troops or a private conversation between two units.

The PTT switch is mated to the radio body by use of a single fixing.  The dual role control switch has two pressel switches, one for PRR and one for CNR.  The hands-free PTT uses a wireless coded scheme that ensures only one radio will be operated by the PTT.  Re-coding a PTT to operate a radio can be accomplished in the field by the end user.  The hands-free PTT operates at 435 MHz and is uniquely coded to operate the PRR from a few meters.

The complete PRR system can be assembled by the user or technical staff for the selected role.  The role will be either single use, where the only radio system to be utilized is the PRR, or dual user, for which the user can also operate a combat radio (CNR).

A relay unit consists of two linked PRR in a saddle bag. They can be dropped to a suitable place to extend the range. The PRR comes in different colors for different usages; there also is a watertight bag (equipment is submersible to 8 meters /25 feet).

The US Marine Corps uses the expression Integrated Intra Squad Radio (IISR) to describe the role of a PRR.

2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum
Low probability of Interception
Low probability of Detection
Up to 500m Range
Rugged headset proven in field service
Compatibility with all military clothing and protective hedger
Simple user interface
256 Channel capability (16 directly available to the user)
Hands-free wireless PTT
Easily mounted on the user- small and unobtrusive
Operates in a wide range of military scenarios
Operates independently of any infrastructures
Operates from 2 standard AA size batteries

Frequency Coverage: 2,400 - 2483 MHz, 256 Channels available
Modulation: QPSK (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Voice Coding: CVSD
Data Protocol: Modified IEEE 802.11
RF Power Output: 100 mW
Range: 500 meters (Rural Terrain) transmission through up to three floors (Urban Terrain)
Power Requirements: 2 AA primary cells provide typically 24 hour use (1:7:16 Tx/Rx/S?BY Ratio)
Weighs: 1.5 kg
Microphone: Electret Noise Canceling
Respirator: NBC Compatible
Ear Piece: Custom Molded design
Compatibility: VHF Combat Radio, UHF Combat Radio, HF Combat Radio
Hands-Free Operation: 435 MHz wireless operation
128 Bit Unique Coding
Simple Code Learn Mode

OD or sand colour
Various headsets
Various Single and Dual Push to Talk Assemblies
Replacement Antenna
Remote Push-to-Talk Button
Occasional swimmers' kit
Personal Role Radio Vehicle Intercom System (PRR VIS)

5820-F-500-211 Operator's Guide

PRC-343 / PRR H4855: 5820-99-721-8335
Single PTT: 5820-99-739-4033
Dual PTT (7 Pin CNR): 5820-99-127-2911
Remote PTT: 5820-99-342-4097
Headset: 5965-99-280-7276

Marconi Selex Communications

AN/PRC-343 AN/PRC-343 Empty Body
AN/PRC-343 Empty Body
AN/PRC-343 Body with Module AN/PRC-343 Body with Digital PCB AN/PRC-343 Body with RF PCB
Body Cover Removed Shield Removed Digital PCB Module Remove Group Select Switch
AN/PRC-343 Remote PTT Module AN/PRC-343 Remote PTT Module (body) AN/PRC-343 Remote PTT Module (front) AN/PRC-343 Remote PTT Module (rear)
Remote PTT Remote PTT Empty Body Remote PTT PCB (front) Remote PTT PCB (rear)
AN/PRC-343 Digital PCB Module (front) AN/PRC-343 Digital PCB Module (rear)
Digital PCB Module (front) Digital PCB Module (rear)
AN/PRC-343 RF Module (front) AN/PRC-343 RF Module (rear)
RF Module (front) RF Module (rear)
AN/PRC-343 Headset AN/PRC-343 Single PTT AN/PRC-343 Dual PTT AN/PRC-343 PTT Contacts
Headset Single PTT Dual PTT PTT Contacts

Spectral Displays

H4855 Spectrum Display
2.4 GHz Transmitting (courtesy of an end user) Remote PTT Transmitting

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