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Military Radio Specifications
Military Symbol: Radio Station Radio Set AN/PRC-521 Accessories
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PP-5417/G Analyzer-Charger, Battery AN/PRC-521 Cloning and Crypto Fill Cables
Analyzer-Charger, Battery, PP-5417/G Cloning and Crypto Key Fill Cables
Interface Unit, J-5250/PRC-521 Headset Microphone H-5034/U
Interface Unit, Communication Equipment, J-5250/PRC-521 Headset Microphone, H-5034/U
Whip Antenna SS-1600291-1 Pouch, AN/PRC-521 Battery, BB-521/U
Whip Antenna, AS-5217/PRC-521 Pouch, AN/PRC-521 Battery, BB-521/U
Long Antenna, AS-5218/PRC-521

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